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Win a Competitive Advantage through Appealing Products

Integrated set of creative designer solutions to invent differentiating products

Style and design are essential elements that not only help to design great products, but also help you boost sales. Therefore having appealing products, right on time requires styling and design studios to share and collaborate more easily with other departments. CATIA Creative Designer suite provides a dedicated and integrated set of creative solutions from reverse engineering to 2D/3D sketching to 3D printing. Now you can easily boost design innovation from concept to visualization, develop shape & material creativity, reach a high level of surface sophistication, and get the right decision tools (thanks to physical & virtual prototypes) to help invent high-demand products your customers dream about.

Key Features

Centralized solution for design creativity, surface excellence and product experience
End-to-end styling creation directly from the CATIA design environment
Unique and natural 3D-sketching technology for ideas exploration
Virtual Clay Modeling thanks to subdivision surface technology

Customer Benefits

  • Reduce time to market
    • Set of integrated and comprehensive creative designer applications
    • Unified industrial design workflow solution from 2D sketch, concept and surface modeling to design visualization
  • Enable better and faster communication between designers and other stakeholders
    • Quick creation and exploration of conceptual ideas across ideation, concept modeling and visualization
    • Connect all creative people (design, engineering, system) involved in the design process (inspiration, ideation, concept design, detail design, design validation)
  • Increase shape quality and precision
    • Improvement of final product’s perceived quality
    • Improvement of downstream processes such as composites design, tool path or meshing

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