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Single Source for Speed

One unique solution for mid-market companies to engineer and produce faster anywhere

Whatever their work model (centrally vs anywhere design and build), mid-sized companies are faced with distributed yet still disconnected communities (Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, Purchasing…). Single Source for Speed runs across all company entities while providing a unique solution to speed up development, customer projects and strategic initiatives anytime, anywhere (including some countries which are sensitive in terms of intellectual property). It enables the creation of tailored products in record speed, seamless multi-disciplinary design capabilities throughout the entire product lifecycle and accelerating product & process development in an integrated way.

Key Features

Faster and smarter project-related decisions
Enterprise-wide processes and data integration (beyond CAD and PDM)
Seamless project management and change process for distributed teams
Backbone/Enabler for other disciplines (electrical, systems, configuration, services, …)

Customer Benefits

  • Improve Time To Market
    • Unified management of all project information
    • Real-time Dashboarding
  • Reduce Cost
    • Integrated Project Management
    • Risk & Issue Management
  • Improve Product Quality and Flexibility
    • Integrated solution from inception to manufacturing
    • World Class Engineering, Design, and Manufacturing solutions
    • Requirements Traceability through the Product Lifecycle
  • Improve Collaboration
    • Unified User Experience across the enterprise
    • One single repository for all project information
    • Access to required information any time and anywhere