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Program and Validate CNC Tool Path with Simulation

A single CNC machining solution from design to production

Machinist operators, tool path programmers, NC Machine code validation specialists can reduce programming & machining times from roughing to finishing including non-machined area detection and reworking, optimize cutter life and increase unattended operation of machining tools. These benefits are achieved through integration so data conversion errors are eliminated, NC programming can occur earlier, and changes are taken into account quickly thanks to concurrent engineering in design and manufacturing.
Built-in simulation from the integrated CATIA CNC Machining solution brings confidence in program validity, easy tool-path modification for all types of machining from 2.5 to 5 milling, lathe, mill-turn and no need for external ISO solutions.

Key Features

Single environment from design to manufacturing for all types of machining from 2.5 to 5 axis milling, lathe, mill-turn
Realistic simulation of the machine and material removal
G-Code validation
Powerful automation capabilities for NC programming including high speed milling in very hard material (titanium, inconel, ...)

Customer Benefits

  • Reduce programming time
    • Accelerated tool path computation
    • G-Code validation
    • Automated drilling and other prismatic milling operations
  • Optimize machining time
    • Machine tool path simulation for quality enhancement
    • Basic operations programming by capturing engineering intents and company's know-how
  • Increase cutter's life
    • Dedicated strategy for hard material (titanium, inconel, ...)

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