Dassault Systemes

Design and build an extended range of electrical components

Electrical-specific 3D solution for large scale electrical system development

A unified 3D electrical development process allows collaboration across all disciplines (electrical, mechanical, architectural, 3D designer, etc) along the manufacturing chain.
Address the different steps of the electrical systems design, engineering and manufacturing process through an integrated 3D electrical development environment which enables the physical design of wire harnesses, cable systems and rigid-flexible printed circuit boards in the context of the schematic systems definition and the complete 3D virtual product. Create variant addressing specific needs and managing BOM through ready-to-perform configuration management capabilities.

Key Features

Tailored environment to easily define 2D logical architectures
3D drawing generation from 2D schematics
Extended range of 3D electrical components
Extended traceability from requirement specifications to deliverables
Lifelike manipulation of harnesses and cabling systems

Customer Benefits

  • Improve quality and consistency
    • Electrical schematic to 3D design synchronization
    • Design of electrical 3D harness bundles and cabletray in the context of full product
  • Reduce cost
    • No more need for physical mockups or prototypes
    • Early identification of design errors
    • Automated generation of manufacturing drawings
  • Save design time of large-scale electrical systems
    • Electronic components placement on boards
    • Realistic deformation of flexible harness and protections
    • Import/export from ECAD systems

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